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Pirate Wars


Droid, a former model-turned-heroin addict, thrives in the unlawful land of hacking in the late 90s. Her ex Georgia, an art curator, dabbles in the underworld of Hackers and Pirates. The two fell in love in high school, but grew apart after a tragic accident sent Droid down-spiraling into addiction.

Years later, someone is murdering Pirates all over the San Francisco Bay. Georgia teams up with her old boss, Bobo, and the Hackers to help save the Pirates from ruin. In exchange, Georgia works with Droid to hack into a powerful banking system. Georgia must entice Lucky Donovan to gain access to the system and infiltrate his company.

Even though Droid resists, she is still madly in love with Georgia. But Georgia’s seduction of Lucky may be too real for Droid – testing their bond and risking their chance to save the Pirates. Can Georgia win the Pirate Wars? Who will win Georgia’s heart?

Great read. Can't wait for more!

Suzie M.

Reid has an eye for the erotic combined with real relationships. I can't wait to read her next book!

L. Charmaine

Pirate Wars makes for a great summer read. Goes perfectly with a dip in the pool and a cocktail. You won't want to put it down.

Kerry Tallis

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